/mun-jah/: eat!

"slow fashion designed to stir conversation"

Growing up as an Italian-American, designer Madeline Hixon, often heard the phrase "Mangia!" to signal the start of a family dinner. During that hour everyone shared a meal together, all sorts of topics were brought up. From the latest news to important life lessons about kindness, standing your ground and giving back. Her family didn't always agree, but these conversations shaped Madeline's view on the world and gave her a special appreciation for the time we take out of our day to gather and enjoy a meal with loved ones.

Getting dressed and eating a meal are similar in that they are an inherent part of our daily lives. The hope for Mangia! is that each handmade design prompts a conversation. This could be as simple as sparking joy through color and playful motifs or something deeper like spreading awareness on important issues going on in the world. Ultimately, Mangia!'s goal is to use clothing to bring like-minded people together and enrich the lives of not only ourselves, but those around us.