Starting in April of 2020, Madeline Hixon started a loungewear brand with a bleach dyed crewneck and sweatpants on Instagram. With every order, she pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds to COVID-19 relief. Hixon expected to sell a few to friends and followers in the hopes of paying off a portion of her rent in New York City. What happened next she could have never predicted...

Weeks after launching, beloved Youtuber's Alisha Marie and Ashley Nichole, bought matching sets. Soon after, MAD-X was being endorsed to their over 9 million followers and went from 5 orders a week to 50 orders a day! 

Madeline quickly moved her workshop from her childhood bedroom to above her parents garage and spent the next year expanding the brands product line and social media. With help from more influencers like Niki DeMartino and LaurDIY, the brand was able to raise over $3,500 to donate to various COVID-19 relief organizations such as Feeding America, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, The New York Food Bank & more!

MAD-X is so proud of all it has accomplished in it's first year of business. But, as COVID-19 starts to become a thing of the past, Madeline is ready to use her Fashion Design degree and experience to create one-of-a-kind clothing you won't be able to get anywhere else. Since the brand is still small, Hixon will be launching a new item every 3-4 weeks. So make sure you are keeping up on socials, @madx1of1 , because MAD-X will only be selling a maximum of ELEVEN pieces per style. Things will go quick!

As we enter into 2022, the hopes for the brand is that it will continue to build a community interested in fashion and learning about social & environmental issues.  MAD-X will still be donating to charities that are making a positive impact and continue to create content that entertains and informs it's audience. 

Thank you for supporting & "wanting more from what you wear". xx